So What Even Is a Harvest Bar??

So by now you’ve seen a post somewhere, or your friends have been telling you about this new “Harvest Bar” coming up, and all you can think is ‘uhh what is a harvest bar???’

Well ask no more, because you’re in the right spot, we’re gonna settle it once and for all. To start, think about the things you love most out of Fall. We’ll make it easy

  • Do you love the color of the leaves?
  • Do you love apple picking? Apple cider? Apple cider donuts? Apple pie? Apple______? You get the idea
  • Do you think every season should be pumpkin spice season?
  • Do you love pumpkin beer? 
  • Do you love pumpkin carving?
  • Do you think the best beers come out in the fall? 
  • Do you love the smell of crisp fall air? 
  • Do you love a fire outside on a cool fall night? 
  • Do you love Halloween movies? 

We could keep going but you get the idea. Now take all that, all the things that make fall everyone’s favorite season, and jam pack it into  few fun nights in early October. Starting to get a better idea of “what is a harvest bar?”, but still not totally sure? We’ll keep going. So what goes into a harvest bar? Well it takes  enough bales of hay to feed a full grown cow for a month. It takes more pumpkins than a pumpkin patch. It takes more apple cider than whats in your nearest Stewart’s. And it takes enough fire pits to make October feel like August. 

So you’ve got the “What Is the Harvest Bar?” question answered the long way. The sh0rt way, it’s everything you have loved about the Fall forever, done in a way you have never quite seen before. 

Now that you’ are excited, and some of the mystery is settled, here are a few things to remember.

  1. The Harvest Bar is the October 5-6 & October 12-13, 5pm. Be there or be square.
  2. There will be the best fall drink menu you’ve ever seen, and food specials as well.
  3. Bring your own carved pumpkin. Yes it will be judged, yes there is an awesome prize. 
  4. Tell all your friends.

And if you have any other questions always feel free to call us at the Resort any time, 518.668.5781. We can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks.

Happy Fall! 

Holiday Inn Resort, Lake George

Holiday Inn Resort, Lake George